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    Radio Bahal

    Our station was born as a result of pure energy! We are a young energetic team at RadioBahal who like to spread our never-ending energy to all the Persians around the world! We believe music is our soul as Music is always there for you and can talk to you through its words, whether you are blue or cheerful. Our hope is that you can find the song which connects with your soul through our station. Thank you for visiting our page and we hope to see your every day!

    Our Mission

    We are a group of professionals who are here to just have fun and help connect poeple around the world.

    We are not just a Radio, we are a 'Bahal' family.

    That's true! This small family is rapidly expanding so feel free to like us on FaceBook, Share a picture on Instagram (#RadioBahal), or join our team and create 'Bahal' shows with us. Contact us here.

    Our team so far


    Office Manager
    She loves to cook and clean our office!
    DJ SiA
    He loves to workout and take pictures.
    Tech. Guy / Nerd
    Our driver